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About this blog

This blog tells the story of me, Federico, a young Italian activist-researcher from the University of Leeds, who, thanks to the Contested Cities Network, is doing his fieldwork in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For my PhD I was there for 3 periods (March-August 2013, September-January 2014, May-July 2014), for a total of 11 months.

More recently, I have been in Rio de Janeiro between July and August 2016 to “return” my research to the people and groups that I worked with.

The aim of this blog is narrate my story, from a perspective both as an activist and researcher, in Rio de Janeiro, an incredible city where in 2013-2014 spark of the revolution has been kindled.

You can contact me at:

HERE my profile on

The final version of my PhD thesis can be found HERE.


IMG_5721Placard from Ocupa IFCS, July 2016, that says: “Understanding the social structure has no meaning without interfering”