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Ecological Challenges conference, Oslo 2014

On the 27 of September I gave a presentation at the Ecological Challenges conference in Oslo.

Title of my paper was Social Ecology Analysis of Urban Struggles and Urban Social Movements. The paper is available HERE, the slide of the presentation HERE.

Following the audio of my presentation:


All the conference was terrific (and the weather was lovely!): excellent key speakers and presenters, the organization was impeccable. Looking forward to come back for the next edition!


A wellcoming graffiti saying “Ha en fortsatt stralende dag” – “Have a wonderful day!” (playing with the world wonderful that means also radioactive)


The University of Oslo that hosted the conference


An auditorium during the conference


The new and contested ‘Barcode Project’


Another ‘new’ waterfront development area, with at left the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, a Renzo Piano project

I find so many similarities between this waterfront developments and similar projects in Leeds, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona: similar development sites (‘underdeveloped’ areas or former industrial areas), similar buildings (with the Norwegian building are technically much better than all the others), often filled with museum or theaters, always with a certain degree of displacements, gentrification and environmental problems, all forms of the neo liberal plan for cities.

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