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The Importance of Social Ecology

While working on the thesis, I was thinking why Social Ecology is so important for me…
This is what I have produced:

Permeated by dialectical naturalism, social ecology presents two important projects. On the one hand, it challenges the current capitalistic system and all forms of oppression including racism, etno-centrism, and patriarchy. On the other hand, social ecology offers a reconstructive and revolutionary vision for an ecological post-scarcity society. Social ecology considers current societal struggles that surface in both urban and rural contexts, while also addressing central questions of nature, science, and technology that arise in these contexts. What is more, social ecology suggests how to construct a new society, promoting pre-figurative political organizing strategies that include affinity groups, the formation of directly-democratic social movements, as well as educational and political projects that include communalism or libertarian municipalism. Moreover, social ecology provides an ethics of complementarity that lay at the foundation of struggles to promote sex/gender liberation, horizontalism, egalitarianism, mutual aid, self-determination, and decentralization. This is the power of social ecology: it offers a coherent theory that, while critiquing current social and ecological crises, provides a reconstructive vision as well as the tools to achieve a free and ecological society.

Thanks to Chaia, Brian, Eleanor and Ersilia for the useful comments and revisions

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