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A Failure…

Since the end of July I am back in Italy and I was not able to write a single post since the last time while in Brazil. This can be define as a complete failure: the initial plan was to report very often on the blog the various events during the FIFA World Cup. However, this did not occur and the reason is very simple: I had not time to sit down for a bit to concentrate and write a coherent post with some photos. Many things happened. I thought that my knowledge of the city and of the movement would make things easier and help me manage everything… that was unrealistic. Too many things has happened: I was deeply involved with the FIP which was at the forefront of the struggle against the FIFA World Cup and it was heavily repressed on the eve of the final by a huge state’s repression. Moreover, I was heavily involved with a project of the Grupo Popular Pesquisa em Ação, shootings of a video on the area of the Marakana stadium that, hopefully, will be ready for the beginning of September. Happily, I was able to do all the things that I planned before going to my last field trip in Brazil and to collect all the information that I needed (even there are never enough; behind every peace of information collected there is an unexplored world and impossible to explore due to time constraints world). Here I repeat my wish, I hope to be able to update now more often the blog, filling some of the gaps. Now I am back in Italy, recovering from the intense period in Brazil and at the end of the month I will go to a conference in London, to co-present a work “Towards a production of knowledge from the movements for the movements: the experience of ‘Grupo Popular Pesquisa em Ação’ in Rio de Janeiro”. Now, the most important (and stressful) activity of a PhD is waiting me: writing and finalizing the thesis as soon as possible!

You can find HERE a small article that I wrote one month ago for my department, with the title Why is the country of football screaming “FIFA Go Home”?

Usually at the end of a trip or after an important journey there is a part that acknowledge all the people/groups met and during my PhD I had several incredible encounters. However, I think that now is not the right time to do this and will say only one things to all the comrades that, despite a heavy state repression, are still fighting for a better world in Rio de Janeiro: “Estamos juntos!”.

 IMG_0363June traditional festival – FIFA GO HOME, 2º Festival of FIP-RJ 20.06.2014 (more info HERE)

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